Aacharyat Padamadathe

Padam Sishya Swamedhaya:

Padam Sa Brahmacharibhya:

Padam Kalakramena cha.

Only a quarter of your learning comes from the Teacher.

The next quarter of knowledge comes from within due to the hard work of the taught.

Another quarter comes from the association with good classmates.

The balance quarter comes with the passage of time.

These are the four stages of a journey towards complete education.

(But as Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba says – The End of Education is Character)

However hard one may try to disarm and destroy a brave person (from his deeds), the fearless and feisty quality of his courage cannot be cracked by anyone just as anyone who tries to douse a fire by holding it upside down, will only increase the intensity and velocity of the blaze.


(Translated from the Sankrit verse)

Can there any burden that a clever man cannot bear?

Is distance a problem for an athlete?

Is there anything unfamiliar to the scholarly?

Can anyone ever become an adversary of a sweet talker?

Pibanthi Nadha  Swayameva Nambha

Swayam Na Khadanthi Bhalani Vriksha

Naadandhi Swayam Swayambhu Vaha

Paropakaraya Sadam Vibhuthaya.


Rivers do not drink the water they carry

Trees do not eat the fruits they bear

Clouds also do not devour the rains they produce

For the riches of the good are utilized for the welfare of others.

“Ayusha Ghandamaadaaya
Ravi-rasthamayam Gatha :
Hanyahani Bodhavyam
Kimateth Sukrutam Kritham.”

This means: “The Sun as it sets everyday, takes away with it a part of the ‘ayusha’, meaning life – age of people. Therefore, as you engage in every action during the day, you should weigh every one of them to ensure that it is in fact a ‘Sukrutam Kritham’ – meaning a ‘good deed indeed’.”

Sahitya Sangeetha Kalavihana

Sashath Pashu Puchavishana Shunya

Thrinam Na Khathannapi Jeevamana

Sat Bhagyatheyam Param Pashunaam.

A person who cannot enjoy fine arts like music and philosophy is like an animal without a tail or horn. It is matter of great luck for the cow that such a person does not live on grass.

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